Incorporate Triathlon Training into Bodymake for Ironman race!

Bonus period finish!

I will start training triathlon! That’s why ….

If you say how you closed off last time …

I can train freely for the past 2 months!

So I understood what kind of training I can do while the menu starts.

There is no such a great opportunity.

Improve flexibility, practice skills and techniques, max power, improve maximum speed, anything is ok.

As a result of various thinking, I decided to Workout strikingly at the expense of 3 triathlon training.

I do not care about the state of TSS at all, I will train the body. Of course I try to make use of it in triathlon.

Annual training plan for Ironman race created! Thinking that satisfies training time and quality through TSS management

Personal training also resumed twice a week, I also joined Anytime Fitness and twice a week, I was striving for a make-up with a total of four workouts a week.

The result is here.

According to Inbody measurement,

2.7 kg increase in muscle mass, body fat percentage 1.4 point decrease

I am planning to come firmly as it is, but ….
It was such a thing.

I did not do any aerobic exercise (swim, bike, run), I spent 2 months only with meal management and muscle training.
(All TSS shown in eye catch image is based on muscle training.)

I have not practiced 3 types of events so far, so I need a lot of effort to get it started.

I wanted to make it a better body, but it is only known for two months.

Since I would like to lower the body fat percentage from now on, I think that I will put 3 exercises while keeping the muscle training of the 4th week.

From next week,

Breakfast is coffee with coconut oil + protein 30 g + supplement
(already started・・・)

I am worried that muscle mass will fall again, but I will try it with this.

See you soon.


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