Annual training plan for Ironman race created! Thinking that satisfies training time and quality through TSS management

The date of the Goto Nagasaki International Triathlon race in 2019 is 23rd June 2019.

I will focus this race on the main race and plan a training plan.

Those who do not understand TSS yet, please first be aware of what TSS is.
What is TSS (Training Stress Score)? Management of fatigue is essential for triathlon training!

Target setting concept

How much is the training time required to finish in Ironman race?
In this post, I checked the training time and its strength, the longest training distance of the week, the validity of the composition of the menu, etc. from the date of participation of the long race in 2018 to about a year ago.

as a result, I found that;

  1. The total training duration was 506 hours, which was lower than the recommended minimum of 600 hours for the triathlete training bible
  2. The run training duration was short
  3. It is better to improve the training duration ratio of Bike and Run
  4. Training intensity of bike and run was too low

What is the point of review?

Although it is an annual training time of 1, there are many other things I want to do and I will try to aim for 500 hours as well.
Ideally it is possible to prepare conditions for racing in less time.

Rather than ‘aiming’ this training duration is the idea that as a result of accumulating appropriate training, it will fit in this way as a result.

Regarding 2, 3, 4, it seems to be very fun to think about that.

However, as a result of thinking variously at myself last time, the training menu did not become a effective menu a lot, and training will be biased inevitably to Bike of my favorite.

So I decided to purchase a training menu with Trainingpeaks.

Which training menu did I choose?

Advanced IRONMAN 140.6. 40 Week. 8-17 hours per week. Includes email access to coach.

Various training menus are sold to Trainingpeaks, and you can download it to the annual/weekly training schedule when you purchase it.

You can also download the schedule of Workout to the application and Garmin.

The overall training balance, average duration, stacking TSS are as shown in the figure below.

Average Training Duration:11:15(40weeks,450hours)

Reason why I chose this

  1. The total training duraion is 450 hours in 40 weeks and close to the target training duration
  2. Weekly The maximum training duration was 17 hours and it was about 2 times, and the other weekly training duration seemed to be able to be managed somehow.
  3. Training duration balance of swim, bike, run, muscle training was similar to the balance I wanted
  4. This menu was well-balanced from high intensity short duration to low intensity long duration thing
  5. A considerable number of men who did not come

The price is not cheap as 139 USD, but it was not a hesitant amount for me.
Secondary has this merit as well.

  • Since 140/40 = 3.5 USD per week, you can enjoy professional training menu with about 1 cup of coffee in Starbucks
  • You can duplicate a training menu to another Week or edit an existing menu
  • Individual Workouts can be downloaded to gadgets such as Garmin (do not need to fill out the paper)
  • Available after next year

What is the start date of this menu?

Since it is corresponded for 40 weeks, it will start from the week of September 17, 2018.

So how do you think about 8 weeks training until then (September 17)?

Comparing the case where you organized with 250 TSS (very loose) every week from today until the start date (the blue line in the figure) and the case where you did not train at all (blue dotted line in the figure), training If it goes forward 12-13 weeks will catch up. (It’s about the second week of January)

Whichever way you proceed, eventually you will have a race at CTL 69.

Next, suppose that you trained at 500 TSS weekly (8-10 hours of training volume per week).
Then I will draw the following CTL trajectory. (Blue coating line in the figure)

September first half, CTL will still transition to enhance, in the initial stage, more and more CTL for low load of training menu will continue to decline.

Eventually after 12-13 weeks, it will be the same way you do not train at all.

From the above, we can understand the following.

If you do not arrange this purchased training menu as it is, CTL at the race does not depend on the CTL at the start, it becomes 69

What if you want to improve CTL on the day of racing?

Increase training intensity or training time and increase all weekly TSS.

Even if you forcibly make TSS spot-like by force somewhere during this period, that excess will be absorbed soon.

For example, it is possible to increase all the TSS of each week now.

Do not lower the exercise amount during the recovery week is not good as fatigue does not recover!

The calculation of CTL is calculated by moving average of TSS value, so it can not be predicted easily, but it can be done roughly.
If you want CTL from 69 to 75, 75/69 = 1.087

In this plan, since TSS is 19,628 and CTL is 69, it is necessary to have 19,828 x 0.087 = 1707 TSS in order to set CTL to 75.

When assigning this to the week, 1707/40 = 43 TSS, about 30 minutes by run, 45 minutes by Bike is required.

It is an image that increases training time by 20 hours for run only, about 30 hours for Bike.

It is noticed that there is no meaning in increasing training duration for 20-30 hours in a light-load period of the first half.
When CTL goes up, CTL does not increase unless the TSS which is the training load increases accordingly.

We can have a week of longest training duration of 18 hours.

Or it will be to raise the strength in the second half and to accumulate the TSS at the same training time.

It is not easy to prepare conditions for Ironman race.

Last time I brought CTL from 30 to 66 in only 17 weeks. Compared to that, the preparation period is more than doubled, so you can see well that CTL does not depend on the initial value.

However, if training can not be done as planned, it will be minus for that amount, so you must be careful with this.

I can train freely for the past 2 months!

So I understood what kind of training I can do while the menu starts.

There is no such a great opportunity.

Improve flexibility, practice skills and techniques, max power, improve maximum speed, anything is ok.

As a result of various thinking, I decided to Workout strikingly at the expense of 3 triathlon training.

I do not care about the state of TSS at all, I will train the body. Of course I try to make use of it in triathlon.

See you soon.



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