How much is the training time required to finish in Ironman race?

I will entry Ironman race!

It was about mid 2017, about a year before the race.

I will review the amount of training for about one year from July 24th to the race.

Annual training duration

Total training duration was 506 hours.(include on the day of race・・・)

Run ・・・22%(111hr)
Strength ・10%(51hr)

According to Table 7-1 on page 190 of the trial athlete training bible, the annual training time is recommended as follows.

Ironman race  600-1200
Half ironman race 500-700
Olympic 400-600
Sprint 300-500

(However, it is generally stated that this is a guideline and is a typical example.)

In my case, I found that standard recommended training time was not reached .

At the beginning of March when I started training in earnest, my training amount to be assembled after that was almost limited, so the lack of training amount at the preparation stage and the period of non-training due to back pain were affected.

Training duration for next race

From the result of the race, I did not have the practice shortage of Run part, especially the distance training, so I wanted to spend 50 hours more in the run.

Moreover, I think that the training ratio of Run and Bike is bad in my case.
If you spend 50 hours of Bike’s training on runs, you may have been able to finish a little easier.

If it is the same training time, it becomes balanced like the following.

Bike 48%(244hr)
Run 32%(161hr)
Swim 10%(51hr)
Strength 10%(51hr)

I would like to use this as a guide.

Longest training duration in each week

I have not done long training for more than 1.5 hours · · ·. (It is only ten times.)
It is limited to about 1 hour of training in most weeks.


Maximum bike distance at each week

Only four times a week exceeding 100 km.

The longest run distance in each week

Only 9 times a week exceeds 10 km, the average is 7.5 km.

Run is not increasing distance at all three months ago.

This is the cause of run shortage.

The longest swim distance in each week

Only 9 times a week exceeds 2000 m.
The average is 1300 m.
The swim has increased the distance before the race.

Confirm Bike training zone

The power zone is FTP 215W (before correction), it will become a blue bar, but if it is counted with the corrected FTP 275W it will be a red bar.
You will have hardly trained in zone 3 or higher.

Especially the zones 2 and 3 are few. I have to consciously train this in the future.
(I increased the FTP setting, so it will take more load than ever)

Of course, the performance of the bike does not rise. It is convincing.

Confirmation of run training zone

It is much worse than Bike, occupying more than 90% in zones 1 and 2.

Although it is important to make the practical legs, the amount of practice in the fast zone is too short.

I will improve it.

How much is the training time required to finish in Ironman race?

From the race result, the training record, and the recommended time of the training bibble that I am the early 40 age group, it is as follows.

– Recommended training time for Ironman race 600 hours is reasonable
· It is possible to finish even in 500 hours of training time by appropriately distributing training by part and training zone

As a precaution, it does not mean that you have to train a long time.
However, depending on the current performance, I think there is a minimum necessary practice time.

It is necessary for each individual to customize the appropriate balance of this neighborhood.

See you soon.


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