Analysis of Bike performance in long race and review of FTP

The race performance of the bike was as follows.

TSS: 449 ??? · · · It feels too high.

VI: 1.13 Variability index is also high · · ·. And there are variations in power.

Evidence that TSS449 of Bike part is judged too high

In the power training Bible, on P.284, it is said that the long triathlon Bike part exceeds the TSS 300 is a tough level unless it is a very competitive top-level athlete.

Also, professional elite is also an example of Power Training Bible P.283, TSS 375 IF 0.83.
However, this athlete practices for more than 30 hours a week, and it seems to be a player with even more unique ability.

I have no physical strength higher than these athletes.

Also, if I really have sTSS 122 and TSS 449 at the end of bike, TSS 571 in total, I do not think I can enter the full marathon.
Actually I did not get tired of that.

That means there may be a high IF because the FTP setting is too low.

FTP setting 215 W is too low

I was doubtful that FTP would be too low when I ran a long bike.。
TR180407 補給トレーニング!ノンストップ130km走で確認したこと

The FTP setting is a value detected by the automatic detection function of Garmin 735, so it is not a limit value.

Well here, let me mention the harmful effect of setting FTP too low.

① Training intensity becomes unconsciously significantly lower

② If the power zone increases while traveling, you should not have it as it is! And the brain judges without permission and looses power

I originally did not have a chance to succeed with success in FTP test · · ·

Even though I think that FTP should be higher by myself, I do not admit that I do not accept low FTP realistically obtained, I think that it is FTP including the weakness of that spirit It was. </ strong>

So, we set the detection value = actual value to FTP.

There is nothing good from a training point of view.

From the result of this race, calculate a reasonable FTP

1. FTP was inversely calculated assuming that the TSS of the Bike part was 350, 290, 275, 250. At the same time we calculated the PWR (power weight ratio).

The results are as follows.

Power training According to Bible,
PWR </ trong>
2.99 · · · In the middle of ordinary, well-deserved
3.38 · · · in the middle of reasonable
3.72 · · · Top, reasonable, middle of good
3.82 · · · in the middle of good
4.00 … good top

From this qualitative level, somehow, about 3.72 – 3.82 seems reasonable </ strong>.

The strength IF in the corresponding race corresponds to 0.615 – 0.632.
I feel that this is not so strange.

FTP seems to be around 268-275W.

【Comparison of FTP zone and heart rate zone】

Based on this list of power training bibles, compare the zone ratio for each FTP with the heart rate zone.

In the HR zone, there are 93% up to zone 2.

FTP which becomes a profile close to this becomes 268, 275, 288 again.

FTP decision and zone setting

I decide to FTP 275W!

Since FTP 215 → 275, CTL will not rise considerably even after training.
Until now, I feel that it was easy to raise CTL though I was not very tired.

Regarding Bike, it may be that it was practically not done much training.
I will verify this another.

So, the TSS of Bike part on the race day will be around 275 instead of 449.

See you soon!



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