How to Import Garmin’s Heart Rate Data in Swim Training into Training Peaks

I tried to confirm the training time in each heart rate zone of swim training at Trainingpeaks.

However, only data in the long race of Goto has been captured.

Although Garmin connect captured heart rate data, I was wondering why data was not reflected in Trainingpeaks and as a result I found out the reasons and measures, so I will summarize it.

I am using Garmin735xtj, but I think that if you use the HR sensor Tri even with other models you probably do the same.


When you do a swim workout using Garmin735xtj and HR sensor Tri, the heart rate data is temporarily stored in HR sensor Tri and stored in Garmin735xtj by downloading heart rate data from HR – Tri at the end of workout.

At this point heart rate data will be saved in Garmin735xtj.

Next, when transferring or synchronizing this data to Garmin connect, all data is synchronized here without problem.

Those who use Trainingpeaks think that it is automatically synchronized with Garmin connect, but in this case, in the case of OWS (outdoor swim), pool swim (indoor swim ), It is synchronized to Trainingpeaks as FIT data.

And TCX data has heart rate data, and FIT data does not have heart rate data.

This is the reason for not being able to check heart rate data with Trainingpeaks with data of swimming swim.


First, we export a swim workout from Garmin connect of PC software as TCX data.

By importing the exported file with Trainingpeaks, heart rate data will be imported and the duration of the heart rate zone can be checked and summarized.


However, there are some problems, so we need to understand it.

Here is the original data.

Here is the result of importing data exported by TCX at Garmin with Trainingpeaks.

Training duration of TCX data is regarded as the total time from training start to training end.
It also includes rest time.

The distance traveled will be the total distance you swam in the workout.

The average pace used to calculate the intensity (IF) is calculated by dividing the total distance by Duration, so it is slower than it actually is.

Therefore, it will be low IF.

Since sTSS is calculated by 100 x Duration (hrs) x IF ^ 3, the effect of the change of the IF term is greater than the influence of the longer duration, so the sTSS is estimated to be small.

The heart rate data will be saved as continuous data in the training time.

However, we can not distinguish heart rate data at rest and heart rate data when swimming. (This is also a frustrating part.)

Even if OWS is TCX data, there is no problem with IF or sTSS because in most cases you can not put a rest.
Especially the race data will be so.

If you take a rest in the middle of the ocean, the average pace will fall as the time goes up, so let’s say that this case is also calculated correctly.

On the other hand, FIT data excludes the time between the intervals in the swimming pool, that is, the rest time.
The distance you swam is counted by the number of round trips at 25 m or 50 m pool.

The average pace and IF are determined from this distance and the time it is swimming net sweep.
With these, correct sTSS is required.

Combining data with Trainingpeaks

n Trainigpeaks, TCX data and FIT data can be merged, but at this time it seems that it is not possible to merge conveniently such as extracting TCX data only with heart rate data.

I will explain.
In this way it is possible to import multiple data files into one workout.

Also, if two data coexist, workout data will also be duplicated, which is not preferable.

Especially TSS data is duplicated count is a problem.


I think that swimming training should be done by training load management only in the speed zone now.

It is somewhat uncomfortable that I can not use the data that I am measuring with great difficulty, and I have tried it.

Practically, I think whether to use only one side depending on the use.

I hope that it is good to synchronize heart rate data with FIT data in the future.

I think that it will be helpful.

See you soon!



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