Should I train or rest when fatigue is accumulating?


Completely rested today!

It was a bike training and swim training today in the weekly plan, but when I woke up I decided to take a rest as I was pretty tired of the lower body.

Just because I feel fatigue and muscle pain every time, I will not decide to rest immediately.

TSS per day was high when counting from last week, I trained it for 5 consecutive days, and the fatigue value at Training Peaks was also great.

I had wanted to do training as I set tomorrow (Thursday) as a rest day, but as a result I will have made it a day earlier.

Today I stretched and relaxed my body.

How is fatigue accumulated during triathlon training?

Although it is a way of getting tired, there is a tendency that those who are aiming for a long race tend to have a larger practicing load than those who are aiming for a short race, and accordingly the fatigue is likely to accumulate accordingly think.

Well today’s theme.

Whether to train when exhausted?

This is a triathlete always face each other and suffer.

What I am thinking is as follows.


・Basically it’s better to do it when the body is fresh.
・You should not try basic when you are tired.

However, those who switched from swimmer to triathlete, those who are best at swimming, those who can do recovery swimming are okay if they are training for body relaxation.
I can not do a recovery swim yet, so I feel tired rather than refreshing no matter how slow I swim.

Because swim is the earliest event, there is no need to practice in a fatigued state.

However, with regard to fatigue accumulating while swimming, it is necessary to keep tolerance.
It is like muscular endurance in swimming ability.


The bike will be the start after consuming the upper body and trunk muscles at the swim.

Unless you are an experienced swimmer or a person who is good at swimming, the basic strategy is to not use the legs, to clear the swim without causing fatigue.

That means that you can not find a meaning in training a motorcycle with fatigue accumulating in the legs accumulating in the legs.

I feel like being exaggerated, but I decided to think like that from my recent training and performance.

Qualitative guidelines

It will be a day off if power falls on daily training. (It was one of the reasons that I was resting today because the power of the bike has fallen down.

Bike training in cases where only the cardiopulmonary function is tired is difficult to judge that I do not do it, but I will do it if I have a recovery strength bike.

We will judge with the degree of damage of the body.。

My fatigue in Bike in my case is,
・Heart rate will not rise to LT zone
・Along with that, the Power does not rise

When it comes to a headwind or a short climb, it will be affected and I will not be able to stand up against it at all.

When I am fresh, the cardiorespiratory response is very good and oxygen comes in enough, so I can easily exercise more power than LT and I can continue it within my ability .


The most troublesome thing is training of the run.

Yesterday, I was tired very much, but anyway, only the ability to absorb impact resistance has to be fostered with a long-term plan.

By practicing slow jog without fatigue, I devoted my legs.

Speed running was absolutely impossible.
Since heart rate does not rise, it becomes simple gut practice.

Speed practice should be done when the body is relatively fresh.
Rather if I feel tired, I think I should not do it.

Mental attitude to training

It is not the purpose to accomplish the training plan you set yourself.

There may be trial athletes who can not impossibly do not want to break the plan.

However, there is a possibility that it will break down.

Therefore, I will not do the impossible contrary to what I have just said.

I think it would be better to stop at the end when you decide to take a break with your body.

Of course you should think like this! There is no correct answer like it,

· Pain condition of my body
· Cardiorespiratory response
· Duration of training up to the previous day
· Training load

I think that you should think about whether to continue training or rest in a comprehensively.

See you soon!!

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